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Simple questions like how to maintain work-life-fitness balance, parenting, career, sleep issues in kids and so on. Feel free to ask them here and get answers from experts. Questions are moderated to avoid spam so it will take a while for the questions to reflect.

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Sometimes, experts can tell us very useful things about making our lives better. Such things are expressed by them in this section. They share learning from their experiences.


Life24 Apps

Life24 Apps create a support system which can help in achieving the wellness goals along with the experts and coaches. Apps provide a cost effective way of tracking our goals and getting reminders so that one continues to work towards them in spite of busy schedules.


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Priya Roongta

With 4 years of experience -An ACE Certified Personal Trainer with specialisation in Pilates, TRX, Rehab training and Barefoot Essentials Priya has been able to achieve International level Credentials.
Fitness to her is not about random exercising, it’s about a lifestyle modification that one needs to make, to slow the process of aging and ensure the body serves you well as per your personal goals. To know more about her click here


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